Skills training

Personal and Professional Development Workshop

Wesbro Services specialises in delivering contextualised training to a broad student group. With a course menu of over 100 titles to choose from, you're sure to find what you need to develop skills for both your personal and professional life. 

Our workshops can be delivered at our site or yours and are suited to the following groups:

  • NDIS customers
  • Community members
  • Workplace teams
  • Supervisors and mangers
  • New entrants into the NDIS workforce
  • Jobseekers
  • Community Org clientele

Check out our course menu below


Course Menu

Administrative Skills

Administrative office procedures

Administrative support

Basic bookkeeping

Business writing

Meeting management

Organisational skills

Social media in the workplace

Human Resource

Business succession planning

Employee onboarding

Employee recruitment

Generation gaps

Health and wellness at work

HR managment

Workplace diversity

Workplace harrassment

Workplace violence

Living in life

Attain and maintain a tenancy

Travel training

The art of cooking to a budget

The joys of cleaning

Money confidence

Literacy and numeracy development

Career Development

10 soft skills you need

Assertiveness and self confidence

Communication strategies

Creative problem solving

Developing creativity


Interpersonal skills

Negotiation skills

Project management

Time management

Women in leadership

Personal Development

Anger management

Being a likeable boss

Critical thinking

Emotional intelligence

Goal setting and getting things done

Improving mindfulness

Improving self-awareness

Increasing happiness

Job search skills

Managing workplace anxiety

Public speaking

Social intelligence

Stress managment

Workplace Essentials

Appreciative inquiry

Body language basics

Business ethics

Conflict resolution

ATSI Cultural appreciation

Customer service

Delivering constructive criticism

Handling a difficult customer

Internet marketing

Risk assessment and management

Marketing basics

Media and public relations